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The Multimedia Learning Center puts tools, resources and expertise in the hands of faculty and students to advance new modes of teaching and learning.

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  • The International Reel

    The Oscars are upon us—the culmination of the glitzy awards season that ultimately crowns the best films of the year. Among the various contenders, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences selects one film that is produced abroad to win Best Foreign Language Film. With notable films such as La Strada, 8½, and Life is Beautiful, Italy has fared well in this…

  • Another Resolution? Learning a Language in the New Year!

    Hello, blog readers! I am an international graduate student at the School of Communication. Through writing for the MMLC, I get to explore the different shades of digital humanities and language learning. Learning something new is always at the top of my list—and if you know me, you know my love for checklists, bucket lists,…

  • Voice Over Recording Suites for Productivity and Creativity

    Academia often upholds its roots in paper and pen with more traditional forms of scholarship. Yet, to prepare students for the working world beyond college might mean to further embrace video and media, not only as something to be consumed, but as something to be produced. In moments of reflection, I find myself pondering the possibility…

  • Putting IT To Use: One Button Studio

    Since the MMLC has been in the Library, we’ve really been taking advantage of our proximity to our peers. I thought I would start a blog series called “Putting IT To Use” about how a language professor or other Humanists could incorporate some of the new (or at least new to you!) technology Northwestern has….

  • MMLC’s New Student Employees

    The MMLC’s student employees currently occupy positions from lab aide to developer. Some have a knowledge of the equipment and how it runs, while others use their knowledge of coding to develop projects going on within the MMLC. Cecile-Anne Sison, who hires most of the MMLC student employees, explains how the center integrates this youth…

  • MMLC Welcomes Visitors to Open House

    With the start of a new year comes the advent of new technology, or in the case of the MMLC, new facilities. The MMLC recently held an open house, debuting its range of technology and new collaborative spaces. With nearly 100 people in attendance, the MMLC staff welcomed faculty from varying departments, some MMLC student…

  • Excitement About our Move

    As the Spring 2016 term closes, we celebrate another great year of creative and scholarly pursuits by our team, the faculty who call upon us, and, most of all, the students whose classes and projects often take shape in our labs and studios. But we also look forward to what’s coming in our new home in Kresge Hall this fall.

  • Spring into Workshop Fun!

    The MMLC is partnering with Northwestern Information Technology to offer an impressive set of workshops this Spring. Whether you might want to learn more about iMovie, more about how you can improve the accessibility of course PDFs, or how you can take better advantage of the features in Word and PowerPoint to create more effective instructional materials, let’s exercise our thinking muscles!

Creative Projects, BYOD

Technology has made shooting and editing video much more accessible to everyone. Companies are increasingly coming out with one-touch solutions. The rise of apps that do what more complex software accomplish means people have powerful creative tools in their pockets. The MMLC is keeping this in mind and is coming up with kits that will make it easier to use your own recording devices but still manage a professional look.

Cecile-Anne Sison,