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  • RT) New MMLC social media channels!

    The MMLC is finally on Facebook and Twitter! A quick introduction first: I am on the MMLC student staff as the department’s first copywriter in more than 12 years. I write for the blog, but now I also manage the center’s social networking accounts. Back in high school, I wrote and designed for the yearbook, the…

  • The Personal, Adaptive, and Sensitive Future of Learning

    So I may be a language technology nerd. But I’m not alone. Each year, some of the geekiest geeks meet at the annual conference of CALICO, the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium.  This year, Cecile and I attended and occasionally pushed up our glasses as they would slide down the bridges of our noses —…

  • Canvas Tips and Tricks

    For the last year or so, I’ve been leading a double life (cue exciting spy-movie music).  Oh yes.  Working at the illustrious MMLC is great, but I’ve felt compelled to broaden my mind and explore new educational adventures.  So last Fall I bid adieu to what little free time I had and started taking classes…

  • Don’t Lose It! Move It!

    This month, the University’s main course management system, Canvas, will move front and center, and Blackboard will be taken off line at Northwestern at the end of August. The systems will change, but the content inside won’t for NUL services like Course Reserve. In fact, in changing from working with Blackboard to working with the more…

  • One Stop for Media Requests

    Starting this fall, all media requests can be made via the Course Reserve form in Canvas. Prior to this change, certain types of requests needed to be sent separately to either the Library or the MMLC, causing confusion. Through a new streamlined process, completed Course Reserve requests are first sent to the Library, where they are carefully reviewed and then fulfilled by the Library or forwarded to the MMLC based on the keywords and information found in the request.

  • Open Door Archive Launches

    The MMLC is pleased to announce the launch of the Open Door Archive, an exciting new digital repository of poetry and print culture in and beyond the United States. The project is led by Northwestern English Professor Harris Feinsod, working with a large collaborative a large team of scholars, poets, librarians, students, and technologists.

  • John Bresland to Serve as Interim Director in 2015-2016

    Starting in September 2015, MMLC Director Katrin Völkner will begin a one-year sabbatical leave in Germany. John Bresland, a frequent MMLC faculty collaborator and leader in the field of video essay, will serve as Interim Faculty Director during Winter and Spring Quarters.

Small Things for Big Pedagogy

Are you aware of how differently serif and sans-serif fonts are treated by reader’s brain and how it affects readability, speed of reading and even the mood? Did you know that the sixty six character line (counting both letters and spaces) is widely regarded as ideal? Also, have you heard of “vertical rhythm” and how it can make long text look so much more appealing for a reader? Here at the MMLC we do care about details (about those the devil is hiding behind). Details create new semantic dimensions and make your project resource “breathe”, “talk” and “live”.

Sergei Kalugin,