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Latest updates
  • Don’t Lose It! Move It!

    This month, the University’s main course management system, Canvas, will move front and center, and Blackboard will be taken off line at Northwestern at the end of August. The systems will change, but the content inside won’t for NUL services like Course Reserve. In fact, in changing from working with Blackboard to working with the more…

  • Technology for n00bs: iMovie

    You may not know this, but I wasn’t always a proud employee of this illustrious institution known as Northwestern University. Oh no!  I actually had quite a crazy 11-year run as the co-owner of a high-end aquarium company up until 2012. Yup, I sold fish tanks. We specialized in saltwater and reef aquariums, and as…

  • [Re-] Visualizing the Novel

    Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, is one of the most endearing and best-known novels of all time. Judged a literary masterpiece by many, when it was first published in 1862 by one of France’s greatest literary heroes, the work was met with hostility for political and aesthetic reasons. Yet, the story has been popular, published many times over, translated into several…

  • Get Thee to Canvas!

    This graphic from the Canvas Transition team in NUIT shows almost 3/4 of the classes at NU are now using Canvas Learning System for classes Canvas, the new learning management system for classes at Northwestern, will be the only platform available for class use next academic year. Already more than 70% of classes have made…

  • One Stop for Media Requests

    Starting this fall, all media requests can be made via the Course Reserve form in Canvas. Prior to this change, certain types of requests needed to be sent separately to either the Library or the MMLC, causing confusion. Through a new streamlined process, completed Course Reserve requests are first sent to the Library, where they are carefully reviewed and then fulfilled by the Library or forwarded to the MMLC based on the keywords and information found in the request.

  • Open Door Archive Launches

    The MMLC is pleased to announce the launch of the Open Door Archive, an exciting new digital repository of poetry and print culture in and beyond the United States. The project is led by Northwestern English Professor Harris Feinsod, working with a large collaborative a large team of scholars, poets, librarians, students, and technologists.

  • John Bresland to Serve as Interim Director in 2015-2016

    Starting in September 2015, MMLC Director Katrin Völkner will begin a one-year sabbatical leave in Germany. John Bresland, a frequent MMLC faculty collaborator and leader in the field of video essay, will serve as Interim Faculty Director during Winter and Spring Quarters.

Visualization Is Power

The Big Data epoch presents numerous thrilling design challenges including figuring out the best approach for data visualization. Data should talk, and we want to give it that voice. This highly creative process requires a deep understanding of the subject and decent knowledge of statistics, graph theory and algorithmic concepts. Our team tries to stay up to date with the relevant tools and techniques. So whether you collect, analyze or are trying to visualize data, the MMLC can help you get started.

Sergei Kalugin,