Upcoming events

Fall 2016 programming for faculty and graduate students:

Departmental Open House! —
 Two years in the making, our wonderful new home in Kresge Centennial Hall is open!  Come check out our new environment, see our new facilities for student collaboration and creation, and browse a showcase of active and recently completed projects.
  • Open House — Self-Guided Sneak Peek
    Thursday, October 13 2-5pm   (Add this event to your calendar)
  • Open House — Main Event
    Friday, October 14 3-5pm   (Add this event to your calendar)
    Short introductory remarks will begin at around 3:30.
Workshops — an opportunity to broaden knowledge and skills
Fall Theme:  Data and Culture
  • Workshop I: Data Basics for Humanities Projects
    An introduction to basic data, data modeling – as applied to cataloguing the world’s greatest cinema, and our own personal libraries of books. Also: Are you more than a number?
    Wednesday, Oct. 19, 12-1
    Thursday, Oct. 20, 11-12
    Tuesday, Nov. 29 12-1
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  • Workshop II: Data Visualization Basics
    Is seeing believing? A closer look at 5 types of useful visualizations: numerical graphing (Excel), examining statistical correlation (R), network graphing (Gephi), geographic/spatial (Carto DB), and textual (Voyant).
    Tuesday, Oct. 25 4-5
    Wednesday, Oct 26 12-1
    Wednesday, Nov. 30, 12-1
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  • Workshop III: When is Correlation Causation?
    How can we be more aware, more critical of the diagrams and infographics we see. We know correlation doesn’t always indicate causation, but what would it take to be sure?
    Wednesday, Nov. 16, 12-1
    Thursday, Nov. 17, 11-12
    Thursday, Dec. 1, 12-1
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Interested in a workshop? RSVP using the online registration links above. Or, Send a quick email to mmlc@northwestern.edu with any questions, comments, or just to let us know you’ll be attending!