Faculty Services

Audio and video collections

A number of audio and videocassettes and DVDs are available for in-lab use or checkout. You may review our collection at our NUcat database.

Computer Labs and Classrooms for Class Use

For instructors who wish to pursue media-driven or computer-mediated instruction, the MMLC offers a suite classroom settings: a computer classroom designed and managed by the MMLC (B-173), shared access to a classroom co-designed and co-managed with the NU Library (B-234), and a computer classroom dedicated to the needs of Art Theory and Practice (700 Lincon Street, B23). All computer classrooms in the Library are equipped for language instruction using DiLL, our custom-developed digital language learning platform.  See our labs page for a complete descriptions and reservation information.

iPads for use in Language Courses

The MMLC has a limited inventory of iPad devices available that can be used in language courses. Instructors can apply in the Spring to equip a course section the following academic year.

Multimedia Project Development

Faculty interested in developing multimedia projects should read more on our project information page.

WWW Services

Department and project web hosting is available for all projects and sites developed under the auspices, consultation, or supervision of the MMLC.

Obtaining Permissions from Copyright Holders

Films, images, and articles produced by others and used in classrooms often require written permissions from the copyright owners of the works in question. Some guidelines...

Discontinued Services

  • Satellite Television Feeds - Satellite television reception was a unique privilege to Kresge Hall, prior to the start of its renovation in Fall 2014, but due to lack of demand for the service, coupled with the avaiability of online television streaming, the MMLC has discontinued this service.